Why Host a HODL Bitcoin ATM?

Increased Revenue

We pay you monthly for hosting a HODL Bitcoin ATM in your business location, offering a hassle-free way to generate additional income while enhancing your store’s appeal to cryptocurrency users.

Increased foot traffic

Your location will gain greater exposure and increased visibility for hosting a HODL Bitcoin ATM, attracting a broader and more diverse customer base interested in modern financial services

innovate your business

Hosting a Bitcoin ATM will set your business above the rest by showing your customers that you are modernizing your business, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the evolving digital economy.

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Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Bitcoin ATM work in my store?

Customers use the BTM by following its interactive screen instructions. They can buy Bitcoin by depositing cash into the machine and then scan their QR code from their digital wallet.

What are the costs associated with installing a Bitcoin ATM?

There are no costs associated to the host. All that HODL requires is a location in your business that has access to a power outlet.

Is special training required for my staff to manage the ATM?

No training is needed for the machine HODL will manage the machine with on site technicians and customer service representatives that will handle customer interactions.

How much space is needed for a Bitcoin ATM?

The HODL Bitcoin ATM has measurements of; Height 67.7 Inchs, Depth 23.3 Inchs, and Width 17.8 Inchs. The machine is a similar shape to a classic white lable ATM machine, just lightly taller and wider.

What are the risks of having a Bitcoin ATM?

HODL handles the risk factor of providing the Bitcoin ATM.

How does hosting a Bitcoin ATM benefit my business financially?

The monthly rent payment that HODL provides is given to the host whether the machine preforms or not.

How is technical support and maintenance handled?

HODL manages all cases of technical support and maintenace.